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CROM Ltd. Single-member company was established in 2000 and for over twenty years has been involved in the design, construction, assembly, and maintenance of industrial plants and automation, collaborating with national and foreign companies in their construction sites in Italy and worldwide.

CROM Ltd. Single-member Company operates in the municipality of Calci, using three production sites. The manufacturing process is carried out from the raw material processing to the assembly of the final product.

We operate worldwide: we rely on the expertise of our employees and a specialized team of technicians in every situation.

We are specialized in the construction and assembly of machines, plants, and industrial automation.  Support in workshops and construction sites in Italy and abroad. We also focus on the design, construction, and installation of medium-heavy carpentry. 

With the industrial sector evolving rapidly in Italy and worldwide, our company aims to meet all the demands of this constantly changing market.

To achieve this, we prioritize accurate planning, focusing entirely on training, and the high degree of specialization and professionalism of our employees. We ensure our workers are certified in electrode - MIG - TIG welding, and provide regular training and specialization classes.

We also have a strong team of workers and technicians who have a high professional level due to constant guidance from experienced employees.



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Project co-funded by the POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020 (ACTION 3.1.1. sub-action 3.1.1a3)

Our company is dedicated to mechanical construction work and the manufacturing of automatic machines and equipment for various specific purposes. We also provide services for metal carpentry work, including the fabrication, repair, and maintenance of metal carpentry systems such as iron, aluminum, and their derivatives. We also offer metal components for use in various industries and construction projects. 

In late 2019, the company’s key customer presented a significant order for the construction of three automatic glass tube-wrapping machines. With this project, the company improved its production cycle by implementing and enhancing the activity performed to meet the new market demands more efficiently and effectively. As a result, the company decided to invest in a new machine and office furniture to match its growth. By doing so, the company is now well equipped to take on new challenges and drive progress towards a brighter future. 

The company also decided to install an air-conditioning system with heat pumps. Part of the stock has been included in the project.


CROM SRL Società Unipersonale 
Via del Paduletto, 4
56011 Calci (PI)

PI: 01534400500

Tel. 050.937751
Fax. 050.937214

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